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Our 5 guarantees to you.

Occupancy guarantee

We do not charge a management fee if your property is vacant.

Tenant guarantee

If a tenant we place does not fulfill the terms of the lease we will replace the tenant at no cost to you.

Response guarantee

If you call or email us, we will respond within 1 business day or your management fee for that

month is waived.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with our management services you may cancel at any time

Leasing guarantee

If we do not find a qualified tenant within 21 days we will waive your first management fee.

10 reasons you don’t need a property manager.


You prefer to have control over everything and struggle with delegation.


Collecting rent, managing repairs and dealing with paperwork is more fun than golf, the beach or just about anything else.


Time is money. Your time is not more valuable than our competitive management fees.


You enjoy late night calls about a leaking toilet.


You are able to remove emotion and increase rent to the market rate despite a long list of justifications on why you should not.


Property management is a passion of yours.


You have objective requirements and qualifications to screen tenants in a fair and compliant manner.


You already have a rigid lease agreement in place that protects both the tenant and landlord while clearly setting expectations.


You fill your spare time reviewing Arizona and Federal law on tenant screening and Fair Housing to ensure you do not run afoul of the law.


You have quality vendors and contractors ready at below market pricing who will prioritize the work you send them.

10 reasons you don’t need a property manager.
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